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Our network of dedicated professionals offer countless years of experience in land registration and Land Titles information at your fingertips. From title searching for land transfers, mortgages and easements to obtaining Crown Patents and providing reservation details, Titleview offers landowners the most information about real property in Ontario.

Titleview is a provider of real property land tenure information to the real estate community. Our clients include lawyers, law clerks, real estate agents, corporations and the public. Our areas of expertise cover Crown Patent searches, real estate title searches (Ontario) and mineral tenure searches.

Glossary of Terms

Crown – legal reference to government in Canada. Represented at both Federal and Provincial levels by various Ministries and departments.

Deed/Transfer – legal transfer of rights, title and interest in real property from one party (transferor) to another (transferee).

Disposition – the status of a parcel of land after issuing a Patent.

Patent – the original transfer of land ownership from the government to an individual. Also known as a Grant.

Rights – use of land.

Title – ownership of land.

Interest – equity and/or rent of land.

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